Car prep | Film location support | Vehicle transportation



Automotive Transportation & Delivery

 Our team ensures safe and secure vehicle transportation to and from any location. We offer transportation and support for film productions and events using our Ram 2500 pickup trucks, Ram 3500 pickup truck, and Ram 5500 flatbed. 


Car Preparation

 Our fully-equipped shop allows our team to provide any and all vehicle related services. The vast range of skills and capabilities we offer include:

  • Detail Painting
  • Fabrication
  • Vehicle Modification
  • Highlighting, Cut-Aways & Body Reconfiguration
  • Reinforcing & Refinishing
  • Vehicle Wraps
  • Custom Tinting
  • Breakdown or Set-up of Partial Interiors & Exteriors
  • Painting, including non-detectable Peel Coat Coverage & Contours
  • Quality Permanent Finishes
  • Staging
  • Rigging
  • Motion Analysis and Control Development


On-Site Support

 With our team on location, we provide the utmost support for our clients. Our professional and experienced technicians are always prepared to respond to unexpected changes with the most effective and sensible solutions. While on location, we ensure extensive detailing of the interior and exterior of the vehicles, efficient change out of parts, and standby with all necessary car preparation materials.